Best Vlogging Cameras 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for best vlogging cameras for you video blog, then your search comes to an end here. Checkout top 10 cameras for vlogging recommended and personally used by popular vloggers in 2017.

Video Blogging (Vlogging) has become a trend in last 2 years.

We have seen a huge number of blogs in last 7-8 years and people contributing and sharing information to educate, guide and inform people at their blogs and websites.

In last 2 years, Vlogging has emerged as new thing in blogging field.

As per a report by Cisco, 69% of the information shared and consumed by 2018 will be in video form. This shows the potential of vlogging.

A built-in camera and laptop is not enough of vlogging. To create superb video which get noticed and appreciated by your viewers, you need a really high quality camera either action cams to DSLR.

Here we are listing down top 7 best cameras with their pros and cons. Choose the most suitable vlogging camera which fits your requirements and budget.

Our Choice: Canon Powershot G7X

Canon Powershot G7X Mark 2

Vloggers Who Used Canon Powershot G7 X: FunForLouis and Casey Neistat

Everything you can imagine about a camera, Powershot G7 X has it all at really reasonable price. Powershot G7 X Mark II is latest version out in market and its really something which is far ahead of other cameras in its price range.

5 Things You Should Take Care Before Buying Vlogging Camera

  • Image Quality:

I will suggest to go with Full HD recording camera or minimum 1080o camera. Remember one thing, HD videos and images make your vlog more professional and Youtube friendly.

If you are vlogging about lifestyle, beauty, food etc industry where extreme high quality video and picture are must, you should go for 4K or ultra HD video camera.

  • Flip Screen:

Its my personal recommendation to choose a camera for vlogging with flip screen. It make very easy and handy to control the camera while capturing videos.

If you are really serious about vlogging, then vlogging camera with flip screen is a must. If not today, you will have to buy it after some time.

    • Low Light Performance:

    Have you watched video of review vloggers like Jaclyn Hill, MakeupGeek etc or fashion vlogger like Manny Mua, you must have noticed that sometime they have to shoot their videos in a room with low light.

    Even if you are starting vlogging, you may have to shoot some videos at your home (without any studio) due to low budget.

    Besides, it won’t be sunny 100% when you shoot outdoor. So, a vlogging camera which can capture high quality pictures and videos even in low light can be very useful for you.

    • Optical Image Stabilization:

      For creating professional video, your camera must be able to stabilize images even if its have a minor shake. Shaky videos don’t appear professional.

        • Audio Quality:

        Last but not the least, great audio quality is a must for vlogging camera. In your vlogging career, you its all about the video and your audio. If viewers are not able to hear your voice properly, they won’t stay tuned to your video for long.

        So, better choose a camera which maintain a high quality audio too.

        Top 10 Vlogging Cameras [Complete List]

        1. Sony a7R II

        Sony a7R II Vlogging Camera

        Sony a7R II’s price itself tells about its quality. With 42.7 MP camera, you will get cleanest, sharpest and highest quality pictures you have ever seen.

        As it is with 4K resolution, you can imagine the quality now. One thing which make it best among all other vlogging cameras is, with Sony a7R II you can shoot 4K video at full 35 mm format.

        Now comes the durability part, its shutter has been tested for more than 500,000 cycles.


        • Advanced 5 axis image stabilization (for stabilizing your captures even it your hands is shaking)
        • Improved Autofocus with classic sensors to focus at primary object
        • WiFi and NFC (a major plus one)


        • Small sized full frame camera unit
        • 4K video recording
        • You can also use Canon lenses with help of an adopter.


        • Battery life is a bit less.
        • Not a cheap vlogging camera for newbies. (Obviously, you get what you pay for.)

        2. Sony a6500

        Best vlogging camera sony alpha a6500

        Sony a6500 is one the best and highly recommended digital camera for vloggers. With 24.2 MP camera, 4K resolution level and image stabilization, Sony a6500 is really powerful camera.

        With amazing autofocus feature and handy design, Sony a6500 is also recommended for tough location recordings too.


        • 24.2 MP CMOS sensor
        • 4K resolution level
        • S&Q motion accessible with fill HD mode
        • 4D focus that enabled 415 phase detect points
        • Fastest Autofocus with ability to zero on its target in 0.05 sec.


        • Fastest Autofocus (Industry leading)
        • Very handy to use
        • Superb image quality with goes up to 25600 ISO level.
        • Compact size (makes it easy to shot in tough locations too)


        • Touchscreen is not much interactive
        • Thumb joystick is needed for close point selection.

        3. Panasonic Lumix GH4

        Panasonic Lumix GH4 Best Vlogging Camera

        Panasonic Lumix GH4 is a superb choice as camera because of its powerful 16MP micro four thirds lenses and 4K video capabilities.

        Doesn’t matter if you are steaming a 4K video at 30p at 100 mbps or filming 60p Full HD at 28 mbps, you are going to capture superb quality video.


        • 4K video recording capabilities
        • Slow motion mode


        • With Time-lapse and slow motion modes, recording to extreme easy.
        • Superb battery life (one of the best among all other vlogging cameras) with upto 4 hours.
        • No video length restriction like any other cameras
        • Light weight, Easy to shoot and very handy.


        • Won’t score 10/10 in low light.
        • Not suitable for landscape photography

        4. Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II

        Canon Powershot G7X Mark 2

        Canon PowerShot is personal favorite and recommended vlogging camera because of its superb features and affordable pricing.

        G7 X Mark II is really a huge step ahead from previous canon flagship cameras. It offers 1080p recording with frame rate switching option between 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps. It is very popular among YouTube bloggers including Faze rain, Cutie Pie etc because of it small size and very light weight.

        Popular Vloggers who use Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II in 2017:

        • Faze rain
        • Cutie Pie


        • 20.1 MP Camera
        • Flip Screen available for easier shooting
        • Touch screen for easy usage


        • Reduced noise at high ISO settings
        • 14-bit raw support available
        • Really good battery life (4+ hours)


        • No external mic port.

        5. Canon S120

        Canon S120 Vblogging Camera

        Canon S120 is best shooting vlogging camera of 2017 mostly considered as an alternate for Powershot G7 X Mark II.

        Canon s120 doesn’t have flip screen but has other features like Wi-Fi, image stabilization capability, wide angle lens, 1080p video recording, 12MP sensor along with white balance, easily accessible ISO, self time etc.


        • 12 MP camera sensor with 1080p Video recording
        • Raw data support
        • Wi-Fi
        • Image Stabilization


        • Easy File Sharing with other devices
        • Easy Control sharing which makes it handy while using


        • No EVF
        • No Flip Screen

        6. Yi 4K Action Camera

        Best vlogging camera YI 4K Action Camera

        Yi 4K Action camera is one of the most budget friendly vlogging camera with superb features like 4K video recording capabilities, 12MP lens, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi etc.

        Yi 4K is able to capture 4K, 1080p and 720p videos at 30 fps, 120 fps and 240 fps. It can shoot for straight 2 hours continuously.

        However, there are some minor features which are missing too such as aperture control.

        But, without any doubt Yi 4K Action Camera is one the best and most popular budget camera right now in the market.


        • 4K video recording capability with 12MP lens
        • Image stabilization for capturing great stills
        • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled


        • Super battery life which make it shoot 120 minutes capturing 4K recording
        • Low price (Cheap price and great choice for beginners with budget restrictions)


        • Lack of aperture control

        7. Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder

        Best vlogging camera Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder

        One the best vlogging camera in 2017 for no-nonsense vloggers. Zoom Q8 don’t have 4K recording capabilities, but with exceptional HD recording capabilities, it was easily able to enter our top 10 list of best cameras for vlogging.


        • 7 inchs color display
        • Built-in type speaker
        • Stereo mic option (detachable)


        • Self-timer and digital zoom feature for better results
        • Exceptional HD video and audio recording
        • Separate audio-video tracks.


        • No 4K recording
        • No so great Low-light performance
        • No Wi-Fi connectivity

        Having the best vlogging camera is your first and most important step in your vlogging career in 2017. Till now, you have made mind about your camera as per your needs.

        If still at this point, you are not able to decide the right camera for you, then I would recommend you my personal favorite Canon Powershot G7 X II. Go for it without any confusion.

        Feel free to reply me in comments section if you want me to review any other vlogging camera which you think should be in our list.

        Happy Vlogging. 🙂

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