How to Setup a Photography Blog in 30 Minutes with Hostgator Hosting?

Once you decide to start your photography website or blog, it is important for you to learn how to create your blog.

If it is a professional website, it should be self-hosted so that you have full control over the digital property of yours such as your photos, video lessons and other content such as photography tips and guides.

Here we are going to tell you how to start your website using web hosting providers like Hostgator.

setup photography blog with Hostgator

​Steps To Setup Your Photography Blog:

The following 3 steps will start your photography blog.

Creating a website or blog is a very simple process. It just requires a clear understanding of a few basic concepts like content management, web hosting, and a domain name. So the steps to create a blog are as follows:

  • check​Register Your Domain Name
  • check​Get a Web Hosting For Your Website
  • check​Install WordPress (CMS) at Your Hosting.

STEP 1: Registration of domain name

A URL address or a domain name is a name assigned to your website which is easy to remember or brandable. If you are unable to find a brand name, then you can choose related to your niche such as for photograhy, it can be PhotographyAreana, Myphotograhyspace etc.

All computer systems have an IP (internet protocol) address like, which is used to reach access the website being hosted on that web server.

IP addresses are not easy to remember so, there is a unique domain name like so that one can access the website with an ease.

STEP 2: Getting web hosting through Hostgator

Hostgator is a recommended host which will host the photographs on the server so that one may reach to your website. Click on the exclusive Hostgator link. Here, we are offering a 1 cent webhosting offer with Hostgator. It will help you to buy Hostgator hosting at just 1 penny for first month.

If you are not interested in starting multiple blogs at a time, then go for Hatchling Plan, otherwise, go for Baby Plan. Once your plan is selected, switch to the next page to register your domain and complete the order process.

Think of an attractive and unique domain name for your blog. Your domain name will let the people get an idea about the contents of your website.

If you are creating a country specific blog, your domain should be registered with the country’s domain. Enable domain privacy protection to save yourself from spam messages.

STEP 3: Install WordPress (CMS) At Your Hosting

Install a CMS WordPress platform that will manage the content of your website. Go to the Hostgator control panel and click the enter button click on Quick Install tool to install a WordPress.

With this, you will reach a place where you will choose which software to install. Within a few minutes, your WordPress will be installed on your server. Find the login details.

At last, customize your blog to make it ready for the audience. Make necessary changes in the installed word press so that it may look like a professional blog. Also, make it friendly to your search engine.

We may do customizations like deleting the dummy content, adding a tag line, picking a website theme, adding website header etc.

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